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Surfing – Our passion

We believe that everyone should be able to experience the magic of the waves and what better way to do that than surfing?
We have a deep passion for surfing and love to teach you exactly this passion in our surf lessons.
We are happy to welcome you at Wellenkind surf school on Fuerteventura and can’t wait to jump into the water with you and surf the first waves together.

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BeyondSurfing has awarded our Wellenkind surf school as one of the best 10% surf schools in Europe!
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For every Level!

Our Surf lessons

For Beginner

Your surfing adventure begins here.

Our surf course for beginners is for those who have little or no experience. In the belly-deep water you will surf your first small white water waves within the shortest time, experience the power of the waves and discover a new passion! We will provide you with the necessary equipment. A licensed surf instructor will supervise you in a group and provide you with all the important information you need for a safe and fast start to your surfing career.



Now we surf the green waves.

You have already gained first experiences, mastered the take-off, are confident in white water waves and now you want more? We will refresh your skills and help you to expand them. In order to provide the best conditions for your level, we recommend a mix of group and private lessons. Come to the group course to show your experience and then decide together with the instructor when and where to continue for you.



Individual support right from the start.

The wave, a surf instructor and you! This close cooperation guarantees fast learning success for every level through intensive teaching! Do you want as a group, couple or family a surf course just for you? This is also no problem 🙂


Book your surf lesson

8-Person group lesson
from 60 €
Price per person incl. material and transport
1 DAY - 60€
3 DAYS - 165€
5 DAYS - 250€
4-Person Private lesson
from 340€
Price per course incl. material and transport
1 DAY - 340€
3 DAYS - 1020€
5 DAYS - 1700€
2-Person Private lesson
from 230€
Price per course incl. material and transport
1 DAY - 230€
3 DAYS - 690€
5 DAYS - 1150€
1-Person Private lesson
from 145€
Price per person incl. material and transport
1 DAY - 145€
3 DAYS - 375€
5 DAYS - 645€
Each course lasts about 4 hours with transfer, 2 hours of which you will be on the beach with as much time in the water as possible.


Book your next surf vacation in our surf lodge directly at the surf spot from 25 € / night!

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The first surfing day – Three steps to quick success


We will gladly pick you up from your accommodation and drive to our surf school in La Pared. Once there, we get to know each other and prepare for the surf day. You will receive the necessary surf equipment from us and then we will go to the beach.


On the beach, we explain to you the basics of surfing. How to behave in the water and what to watch out for, plus safety information. After the first dry exercises on the board, we go directly into the water.


Get into the water! Grab your surfboard and surf your first small waves. Our surf instructors are with you in the water and support you, give you advice and help you to fast success. In small breaks you can take a deep breath and gather strength for the next waves!


What are the requirements for participation?

If you can swim safely, you can join our courses from the age of 6. 

Otherwise: if you feel ready, we will take you with us and show you the wonderful moments in the waves. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, small or big, young or old. This also applies to your height and weight. We have wetsuits up to size 3XL and also bigger boards.

If you are limited by illness or other circumstances, we need to know this in advance. We will see how we can support you and will inform you about the conditions on the days. Participation in a surf course is at your own risk. 

Which material will be provided in the course and what do I have to bring myself?

We provide you with the surfboard, the leash that connects you to the board and a wetsuit (3:2mm long).

You have to bring your own swimwear, which you put on under your wetsuit for hygienic reasons (underpants are also fine). You can take a small amount of water with you to the beach and for the way to the beach: shoes (flip-flops are enough). Before you go to the beach you should put on sunscreen and afterwards you need a towel and dry clothes for the way back in the car.

How long do the surf lessons last?

Including transfer, preparation and follow-up, the surf lessons take about 4 hours. You can expect to be back at the hotel about 4 hours after the pick up time. 2 hours of that time you will be on the beach with the surf instructor and as much time as possible will be spent in the water practicing.

What are the safety measures during the lessons? What qualifications do your instructors have?

All our instructors are certified as surf instructors and as lifeguards. Due to their experience and qualification they choose the best spot on the beach and take care that you don’t get into dangerous situations (like a dangerous RIP-current).

Why are the course times so late/so early?

Our course times depend on the tides. We teach beginner courses at the best possible conditions i.e. only when it is possible for you to walk into the water without having to lie down on the board and paddle or swim. As the tide shifts every day, our course times are also different every day and can therefore be very early (sunrise) and very late (sunset). 

How do I know which surf course package is right for me?

We recommend for a first contact with the sport to take at least 3 courses to become more confident on the board and in the water. This is also recommended by the ISA (the International Surf Association). Each person is individual and can best judge for themselves how their learning curve and constitution is. Otherwise ask your surf instructor what he can recommend as next steps. You can book as many courses as you want (from the 7th course on it is only 45€ in a group of 8). 

Will you pick me up from the hotel?

Yes, we pick you up from the hotel in the south of Fuerteventura. For this we drive 2 different routes. One to the north to Las Playitas and one to the south to Morro Jable. If you want to book a course online, you can see on the map in which area your hotel is. Everyone from Costa Calma and La Pared can be picked up on both routes. Let us know if you need a transfer or if you plan to travel to the surf school by yourself.

Can I bring a friend or family member to watch my lessons?

If you arrive by yourself, this is absolutely no problem. Your friend or family member can always walk with you to the beach and watch you. Please note that there are no bars or sunbeds on the beach. If you need a transfer for your +1 please ask us in advance, but most of the time the seats in the bus are reserved for the course participants. For children under 12 years, parents can come along to look after the child for an extra charge of 10€.

Is there a discount if I book several lessons at once?

Yes, the more courses you book, the cheaper it gets. From the 7th day on it is 45€ per course in a group of 8.

Is there a discount for families?

We would like to make it easier for you to share an unforgettable experience as a family. For this reason, we offer families from 4 persons a discount of 10%.

What happens if I have to cancel or postpone my lesson?

Up to 24 hours in advance you can cancel your course and we will refund you. If it is later, we have to charge you 50% of the course fee.

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Further activities

For surf lovers

SURF SHOP & Rental

Our store offers a wide selection of surfboards for purchase or rental. We carry products from renowned manufacturers and pay attention to quality and durability. Also second hand products decorate our store to become more sustainable. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you and help you choose the right board for your ability and needs.

Besides surfboards we also carry a variety of accessories and equipment that will make your surfing easier and better. This includes for example Surfleashes, wax, fins, sunscreen, sunscreen and much more.

Our goal is that you leave our store as a satisfied customer and that you can ride perfect waves with your new equipment.

Opening Hours

11:00 – 16:00
Saturdays closed

TRAIning on Land


Surfskating is a great way to improve your surfing without always having to go into the water. It is a type of skateboarding specially designed to simulate the movements of surfing on the street. It will help you improve your skills, which will help you perform better while surfing.

Advantages: Improves balance and stability, strengthens leg muscles and confidence, practices turns and improves timing.

Rent a skate in our surfshop and get started!

Course & Travel

Surf as a Group

Are you planning a school trip, a trip from your sports club, a university trip or are you just a bigger group that wants to surf together? We have a lot of experience in organizing beautiful surf lessons for groups. Just contact us and tell us who you are and what you plan to do.

Through our partnerships, we can also organize your accommodation in hotels and therefore not only the course but also your group trip.

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